z/OS TSO/E User's Guide
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Sending and Receiving Data Sets

z/OS TSO/E User's Guide

In addition to sending and receiving messages, you can send and receive data sets using the TRANSMIT and RECEIVE commands.
  • Use the TRANSMIT command to:
    • Send data sets to other users
    • Send a message with a data set to other users
    • Send a data set that is displayed on the terminal when it is received
  • Use the RECEIVE command to:
    • Receive data sets from other users
A typical TRANSMIT command to transmit a data set is:
TRANSMIT node_id.user_id DATASET(dataset.name)
The TRANSMIT command does not support:
  • Data sets with keys
  • Data sets with user labels
  • ISAM data sets
  • VSAM data sets

For information about data sets used with TRANSMIT/RECEIVE, see Using Nicknames and the Names Data Set and Storing Transmitted Data in a Log.

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