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Data set naming rules

z/OS TSO/E Primer

When you name a file in your personal filing system, you can name it anything you want. A computer system, however, imposes some rules for naming data sets. The rules for naming TSO/E data sets are:
  • A data set name consists of one or more parts connected by periods. Each part is called a qualifier.
  • Each qualifier must begin with an alphabetic character (A to Z) or the special character @, #, or $.
  • The remaining characters in each qualifier can be alphabetic, special, or numeric (0 to 9) characters.
  • Each qualifier must be 1 to 8 characters in length.
  • The maximum length of a complete data set name before specifying a member name is 44 characters, including the periods.
Some valid TSO/E data set names are:

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