z/OS ISPF Services Guide
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Description of the services

z/OS ISPF Services Guide

The services are described in alphabetical order and each service description consists of this information:
A description of the function and operation of the service. This description also refers to other services that can be used with this service.
The syntax used to code the service, showing commands and calls.
A description of any required or optional keywords or parameters.
Return Codes
A description of the codes returned by the service. For all services, a return code of 12 or higher implies a severe error. This error is usually a syntax error, but can be any severe error detected when using the services.
Sample usage of the services.

For each service, the command procedure or command invocation format is shown, followed by the call or call invocation format.

The command formats are provided as CLIST or REXX command procedures, using ISPEXEC.

Call formats are shown in PL/I syntax, although you are not limited to PL/I calls. For example, ";" ends statements in the formats described. This is a PL/I convention, but you should use the syntax appropriate for your programming language.

Consider using the Edit model facilities when you code requests for ISPF services. This will save keying the parts of dialog elements that are constant regardless of the function in which they are used. See z/OS ISPF Edit and Edit Macros for a description of these facilities.

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