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Relationship to other control statements

z/OS MVS JCL Reference

When the system is to restart execution in a job step, place a SYSCHK DD statement immediately following the JOB statement. The SYSCHK DD statement defines the data set on which the system entered the checkpoint for the step being restarted.

When preparing for a deferred checkpoint, code the DISP abnormal termination disposition subparameter in the step’s DD statements as follows:
  • KEEP, to keep all data sets that the restart step is to use.
  • CATLG, to catalog all data sets that you are passing from steps preceding the restart step to steps following the restart step.

In JES2 systems, you can also use the RESTART parameter on the /*JOBPARM control statement.

In JES3 systems, you must also code the FAILURE parameter on the //*MAIN control statement.

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