z/OS MVS JCL Reference
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z/OS MVS JCL Reference

Any attributes specified on the referenced DD statement override the corresponding data class attributes of the referenced data set.

Any attributes you specify on the referencing DD statement with the following parameters override the corresponding attributes obtained from the referenced DD statement and the data class attributes of the referenced data set.
  • RECORG (record organization) or RECFM (record format)
  • LRECL (record length)
  • KEYLEN (key length)
  • KEYOFF (key offset)
  • DSNTYPE (type, PDS, PDSE, basic format, extended format, large format, or HFS)
  • AVGREC (record request and space quantity)
  • SPACE (average record length, primary, secondary, and directory quantity)
  • Start of change MAXGENS (maximum number of generations for a version 2 PDSE) End of change

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