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OUTPUT JCL statement

z/OS MVS JCL Reference

Purpose: Use the OUTPUT JCL statement to specify processing options for a system output (sysout) data set. These processing options are used only when the OUTPUT JCL statement is explicitly or implicitly referenced by a sysout DD statement. JES combines the options from this OUTPUT JCL statement with the options from the referencing DD statement.

OUTPUT JCL statements are useful in processing the output of one sysout data set in several ways. For example, a sysout data set can be sent to a distant site for printing, as shown in statement OUT1, while it is also printed locally, as shown in statement OUT2:
   //DS    DD      SYSOUT=C,OUTPUT=(*.OUT1,*.OUT2)

The parameters you can specify for sysout data set processing are arranged alphabetically in the following sections.

References: For information about the JES initialization parameters that provide installation defaults, see z/OS JES2 Initialization and Tuning Reference and z/OS JES3 Initialization and Tuning Reference. For examples of OUTPUT statement processing on the JES3 hold queue and writer queue, see z/OS JES3 Initialization and Tuning Guide.

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