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Parameter definition

z/OS MVS JCL Reference

Identifies the DSP that JES3 is to use in processing the job. Table 1 lists the valid DSP names and whether parameters can follow.
Table 1. DSPs for JES3 //*PROCESS Statements
DSP DSP function Parameters
Standard processing functions:
CI JES3 Converter/Interpreter Service, which interprets the JCL and creates control blocks. Yes (See z/OS JES3 Commands)
MAIN Main Service, which processes the program. No
OUTSERV Output Service, which processes the job’s output. No
PURGE Purge Service, which purges the job. This is the last function in any job. JES3 automatically creates this DSP. No
Nonstandard processing functions:
CBPRNT Control Block Print Yes (See z/OS JES3 Commands)
DISPDJC Display Dependent Job Control Yes (See z/OS JES3 Commands)
DISPLAY Display Job Queues Yes (See z/OS JES3 Commands)
DJCPROC Invoke Dependent Job Control Updating

Note: A //*PROCESS DJCPROC statement is required only when a //*PROCESS MAIN statement is not coded.

DR Disk Reader Yes (See z/OS JES3 Commands)
ISDRVR Input Service Driver (JES3 Control Statement Processing) Yes (Qualified ddname of input data set)
JESNEWS Use JESNEWS Facility Yes (See z/OS JES3 Commands)
xxx User-written DSP (See z/OS JES3 Customization)

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