RDW (FTP client and server) statement

Record Descriptor Words (RDWs) are the first 4 bytes at the start of a variable record length file that tell the reading program the actual length of the current record being read. Use the RDW statement to specify whether the RDW from variable format data sets should be retained as data and transmitted or not transmitted.

This setting applies when transferring data sets from the server's system.
This setting applies when transferring data sets from the client's system.


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   .-RDW FALSE------.   


Record descriptor words are transferred as data. FTP returns the RDWs as part of the data for variable record format data sets. Depending upon the FTP implementation, RDWs might not be handled as the user expects. For example, the z/OS® Communications Server FTP client might treat received RDWs as as carriage control/line feeds.
Record descriptor words are not transferred with the data.


To specify that a variable record format file's data is transmitted without the descriptors showing the way it was stored on z/OS, use the following code:

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