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Accessing the UNIX System Services ISPF shell

IBM Infoprint XT for z/OS

If you are an experienced MVS™ user, you might prefer to use the ISPF shell instead of shell commands or TSO/E commands to work with the z/OS UNIX file system. You can access the ISPF shell from a TSO/E command, or you can access it from within ISPF:

  • To access the shell from the TSO/E Ready prompt, enter:
  • To access the shell from the Option line of an ISPF panel, enter:
  • If you have the appropriate ISPF menu option installed, you can access the shell from the primary ISPF panel. Select option 6 and follow the panel instructions to access the shell.

Figure 1 shows the main panel for the ISPF shell.

Figure 1. UNIX System Services ISPF shell main panel
  File  Directory  Special_file  Tools  File_systems  Options  Setup  Help
                    UNIX System Services ISPF Shell 

Enter a pathname and do one of these:

    - Press Enter.
    - Select an action bar choice.
    - Specify an action code or command on the command line.

Return to this panel to work with a different pathname.
                                                               More:    +


Command ===> _______________________________________________________________
 F1=Help    F3=Exit     F5=Retrieve   F6=Keyshelp   F7=Backward   F8=Forward
F10=Actions F11=Command F12=Cancel

The EUID field shows the current effective user ID for the session. If you have authorization, you can enter su on the command line to switch to the superuser. The EUID for the superuser is 0. For detailed information about using the ISPF shell, see z/OS UNIX System Services User's Guide.

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