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Subparameter definition

z/OS MVS JCL Reference

Requests the system to print all messages generated by PSF. You can also code this subparameter as Y.
Requests that the system print no error messages, unless printing of the data set is prematurely terminated. If a terminating error occurs, only the set of messages (called a message group) associated with the error that caused the termination is printed. You can also code this subparameter as N.
Requests the system to cancel the printing of the current data set after the specified number of errors (as represented by the associated message groups) have been detected by PSF or reported to PSF by the printer. In this context, errors refers to data-stream errors, and errors resulting from any malfunction that would cause the printer to halt, such as a mechanism failure, or out-of-paper condition. However, these errors do not include those caused by operator intervention.

Valid values for msg-count are 0-999, where 0 is interpreted as infinite.

The types of errors that increment the message count are those that induce a message group to be printed at the end of the data set. However, even though the printing of the message groups is inhibited by PIMSG=NO, the associated error still increments the message count. (A message group consists of a primary message and variable number of informational messages that result from a single error.)

In the case that multiple transmissions have been specified for a single data set (user-specified multiple copies), the message count would apply on a per copy basis. If the specified number of errors are discovered during the printing of any copy, the subject copy is terminated, and the remaining copies are not printed.

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