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Subparameter definition

z/OS MVS JCL Reference

Identifies a file in a z/OS UNIX file system. The pathname consists of the names of the directories from the root to the file being identified, and then the name of the file.
Each directory or filename:
  • Is preceded by a slash (/). The system treats any consecutive slashes as a single slash.
  • Can contain symbolic parameters.
  • Has a length of 1 through 254 characters, not including the slash.
  • Consists of printable characters from X'40' through X'FE'. These printable characters include all the characters that can be used in a portable filename, plus additional characters. For a portable filename, use only the portable filename character set, which is listed in z/OS UNIX System Services User's Guide. A filename can contain characters outside this range, but it cannot be specified in JCL.
  • Is subject to symbolic substitution. An ampersand (&) (X'50'), followed by a character string that matches a valid symbolic parameter in the JCL, causes a substitution to occur, based on the syntax rules for symbolic parameters.
  • Is case-sensitive. Thus, /u/joe and /u/JOE and /u/Joe define three different files.
The pathname:
  • Has the form:
  • Begins with a slash.
  • Has a length of 1 through 255 characters. The system checks the length after substituting for any symbols and before compressing any consecutive slashes.

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