z/OS UNIX System Services Planning
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Introduction to z/OS UNIX

z/OS UNIX System Services Planning

The UNIX System Services element of z/OS® is a UNIX operating environment, implemented within the z/OS operating system. It is also known as z/OS UNIX. The z/OS support enables two open systems interfaces on the z/OS operating system: an application programming interface (API) and an interactive shell interface.

Many users use similar interfaces on other systems and use terminology different from z/OS terminology. For example, they call virtual storage memory. The work done by their system administrators is handled by system programmers in z/OS systems. Where possible, individual terms and phrases are indicated.

To sum up z/OS UNIX:
  • z/OS UNIX System Services (a component of the BCP FMID) provides:
    • XPG4 UNIX 1995 conformance
    • Assembler callable services
    • TSO/E commands to manage the file system
    • ISPF shell environment
  • z/OS UNIX System Services Application Services (FMID HOTxxxx) interprets commands from users or from programs, called shell scripts, and requests MVS™ services in response to the commands. It provides:
    • A TSO/E command to enter the shell environment
    • A shell environment for developing and running applications
    • Utilities to administer and develop in a UNIX environment
    • Support for socket applications
    • Remote login (rlogin) and inetd functions
    • Direct telnet based on TCP/IP protocol
    • A dbx debugger to enable the application programmer to debug source programs written in C or C/C++.
    • Support for full-screen applications (curses support)
    • The ability to run programs interactively in the foreground, or in the background

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