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Processing options in multiple references

z/OS MVS JCL Reference

A sysout DD statement can refer to more than one OUTPUT JCL statement, either explicitly in an OUTPUT parameter containing more than one reference or implicitly when several default OUTPUT JCL statements apply. The processing options for a sysout data set come from one sysout DD statement and one OUTPUT JCL statement. In multiple references, each combination of sysout DD statement and one of the referenced OUTPUT JCL statements produces a separate set of printed or punched output.

Processing options are not cumulative across a group of OUTPUT JCL statements.

Note that in JES3, when TYPE=DSISO and/or TRUNC=YES|NO are specified on the SYSOUT initialization statement, and a sysout DD statement that does not specify a class references multiple OUTPUT statements, the data set DSISO/TRUNC characteristics are derived from the first class specification encountered in the OUTPUT statements. If the DD statement does specify a class, the DSISO/TRUNC characteristics are derived from that class.

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