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Parameters on DD DUMMY statements

z/OS MVS JCL Reference

  • Code the DUMMY parameter by itself or follow it with all the parameters you would normally code when defining a data set, except the DDNAME parameter.
  • Code the DCB parameter, if needed. If the program does not supply all the data control block information, make sure that the DCB parameter supplies the missing information.
  • Code AMP=AMORG if you are using VSAM's ISAM interface.
  • If you code either VOLUME=REF=dsname or DCB=dsname with DUMMY, the referenced dsname must be cataloged or passed; otherwise, the job is terminated.
  • Because no I/O is performed to the dummy data set, the system checks the SPACE and DISP parameters, if coded, for syntax, then ignores them. If you code UNIT with DUMMY, the system will ignore it if the specified unit name is syntactically correct and defined to the system. Otherwise the system terminates the job.

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