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z/OS MVS JCL Reference

A DD * statement begins an in-stream data set.

Start of changeIn-stream Data for Cataloged or In-stream Procedures: A cataloged procedure can contain a DD * statement. End of change

Start of change An in-stream procedure can contain a DD * statement. End of change

Start of change When you call an in-stream procedure, you can add input stream data to an in-stream procedure step by placing one or more DD * or DD DATA statements in the calling step. You can alternatively include in-stream data directly within the in-stream or cataloged procedure. End of change

Multiple In-Stream Data Sets for a Step: You can code more than one DD * or DD DATA statement in a job step in order to include several distinct groups of data for the application program. Precede each group with a DD * or DD DATA statement and follow each group with a delimiter statement.

Omitted Data Delimiters: If you omit a DD statement before the input data, the system provides a DD * statement with the ddname of SYSIN. If you omit a delimiter statement after input data, the system ends the data when it reads a JCL statement or runs out of Start of change records End of change.

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