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Examples of the PERFORM parameter

z/OS MVS JCL Reference

Example 1: PERFORM in compatibility mode

In this example, CLASS=D determines the class in which the system will execute the job. Once in the system, the job will run in performance group 25. The installation must have defined the significance of this performance group.

Example 2: PERFORM in goal mode
In this example, the job will be associated with service class PBATCH because the PERFORM value is specified as 26, and the PERFORM value of 26 is defined to workload management as being associated with the service class named PBATCH. To associate the PERFORM value with a service class, you need to define a classification rule in the workload management service definition. The following panel from the WLM application shows a rule for subsystem type JES that assigns any job with a PERFORM value of 26 to service class PBATCH.
                  Modify Rules for the Subsystem Type        Row 1 to 1 of
  Command ===> ____________________________________________ SCROLL ===> PA

  Subsystem Type . : JES         Fold qualifier names?   Y  (Y or N)
  Description  . . . batch

  Action codes:  A=After    C=Copy         M=Move     I=Insert rule
                 B=Before   D=Delete row   R=Repeat   IS=Insert Sub-rule
            -------Qualifier-------------            -------Class--------
  Action    Type       Name     Start                Service     Report
                                           DEFAULTS: TBATCH      ________
   ____  1  PF         26       ___                  PBATCH      ________

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