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Examples of the PARM parameter

z/OS MVS JCL Reference

Example 1
//RUN3  EXEC PGM=APG22,PARM='P1,123,P2=5'

The system passes P1,123,P2=5 to the processing program named APG22.

Example 2

The system passes MT5 to the first step of the procedure named PROC81. If PROC81 contains more steps and their EXEC statements contain PARM parameters, the system nullifies those PARM parameters.

Example 3

The system passes MAP,LET to the procedure step named LKED in procedure ASMFCLG. If any other procedure steps in ASMFCLG contain a PARM parameter, those PARM parameters remain in effect.

Example 4
//   DECK)

The system passes NOOBJECT,LINECNT=50,TRUNC(BIN),DECK to processing program IFOX00. Because the PARM parameter contains a list of more than one subparameter, the information is enclosed in parentheses.

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