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Adding a volume to a cataloged data set

z/OS MVS JCL Reference

If you want to add a volume to a cataloged data set and have it properly cataloged after it is kept or passed, code the volume count subparameter of the VOLUME parameter to make the system use the values in the system catalog to process the data set. The following DD statement shows how to keep and extend a cataloged data set using the system catalog. Assume that this data set was created with a volume count of 2.
   //            VOLUME=(,,,3),UNIT=(,P)

The VOLUME parameter references the system catalog for volume information about the data set and increases the maximum number of volumes for OPER.DATA. Because the UNIT parameter requests parallel mounting, the system must allocate the same number of units as the number of volumes in the VOLUME parameter; in this case, 3.

The following is an example of the messages in the job log after the job completes.
   IEF285I    OPER.DATA                                      KEPT
   IEF285I    VOL SER NOS= 333001,333002,333003.
   IEF285I    OPER.DATA                                      RECATALOGED
   IEF285I    VOL SER NOS= 333001,333002,333003.

Non-SMS-managed data sets: If you do not reference the catalog when adding a volume to a cataloged data set, the system does not update the catalog with the newly referenced volumes.

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