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Relationship to other parameters

z/OS MVS JCL Reference

Code the OUTPUT parameter only on a DD statement with the SYSOUT or SUBSYS parameter.

With INTRDR subparameter in SYSOUT parameter: Do not code an OUTPUT parameter when the SYSOUT parameter specifies a JES2 internal reader by an INTRDR parameter.

Null subparameters: A null first subparameter is invalid in a FLASH or MODIFY parameter on a DD statement, but is permitted on an OUTPUT JCL statement. For example, MODIFY=(,3) is valid only on an OUTPUT JCL statement.

SYSOUT third subparameter: You cannot reference a JES2 /*OUTPUT statement using the third subparameter of the SYSOUT parameter if either of the following is also coded:
  • The OUTPUT parameter on the same DD statement.
  • An OUTPUT JCL statement containing DEFAULT=YES in the same step or before the EXEC statement of the job, when the DD statement does not contain an OUTPUT parameter.

DEFAULT parameter on OUTPUT JCL statement: If you code DEFAULT=YES on an OUTPUT JCL statement, you can still refer to that OUTPUT JCL statement in the OUTPUT parameter of a sysout DD statement.

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