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NOTIFY parameter

z/OS MVS JCL Reference

Parameter type

Keyword, optional - Use this parameter only for printers managed by PSF or Infoprint Server.


Use the NOTIFY parameter to have PSF issue a print completion message to up to four users. The message identifies the output that has completed printing, and indicates whether the printing was successful. This parameter is effective for PSF devices and any FSS products that support the NOTIFY keyword (such as Infoprint Server); it has no effect for JES-mode devices. The print completion message is issued:
  • on a JES2 system: when printing for all the sysout data sets for an output group has completed. An output group consists of the sysout data sets printed between the output header page and the output trailer page of a job.
  • on a JES3 system: when the sysout data sets for the same printer and the same job have been printed.

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