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Subparameter definition

z/OS MVS JCL Reference

Specifies (1) the length, in bytes, for fixed length records or (2) the maximum length, in bytes, for variable-length records.
The value of bytes is:
  • 1 to 32,760 for non-VSAM data sets.
  • 1 to 32,761 for VSAM key-sequenced (KS), entry-sequenced (ES), or relative record (RR) data sets. (LRECL does not apply to VSAM linear space, RECORG=LS, data sets.)

    For VSAM key-sequenced (KS) data sets, a record length must be specified, either explicitly with the LRECL or LIKE parameter, or in the data class for the data set. The record length must be greater than the key length.

Note: When RECFM is F or U, the length must not exceed DCB BLKSIZE. For RECFM=D or V, the length must be a minimum of 5 and a maximum of BLKSIZE minus 4 to account for the 4 byte record descriptor word (RDW) preceding the data in every record. For RECFM=VS, the length can exceed BLKSIZE. For unblocked records when DCB RKP=0, the length is for only the data portion of the record. LRECL=0 is valid only for RECFM=U.

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