z/OS Communications Server: SNA Programming
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Summary description of the VTAM macroinstructions

z/OS Communications Server: SNA Programming

The following sections provide a summary description of the VTAM® application program macroinstructions. For a complete description of each macroinstruction, refer to Description of the VTAM macroinstructions.

In the descriptions of VTAM macroinstructions, you encounter the terms declarative, manipulative, ACB-based, and RPL-based. These terms refer to categories of VTAM macroinstructions that have related functions. Figure 1 shows these categories and identifies the macroinstructions that are included in each one.

Figure 1. Macroinstructions by category
The diagram shows a summary description of the VTAM application program macroinstructions by category which are declarative macroinstructions, manipulative macroinstructions, ACB-based macroinstructions, and RPL-based macroinstructions.

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