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PERFORM parameter

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Parameter type

Keyword, optional



Beginning with z/OS® V1R3, WLM compatibility mode is no longer available. Accordingly, the information that pertains specifically to WLM compatibility mode is no longer valid. It has been left here for reference purposes, and for use on backlevel systems.

Use the PERFORM parameter in WLM compatibility mode to specify the performance group for the job. The installation-defined performance groups determine the rate at which associated jobs have access to the processor, storage, and channels.

In WLM goal mode, the PERFORM parameter on the JOB statement can be used to classify jobs and started procedures to a service class and/or report class. This classification method is provided to reduce the need to modify existing JCL when migrating to goal mode. Note that PERFORM on the EXEC statement is ignored in goal mode for jobs and started procedures.

For details on how to use the WLM application for managing a service definition and service policies, see z/OS MVS Planning: Workload Management.

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