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Restrictions on coding SYSUID

z/OS MVS JCL Reference

Do not code &SYSUID on the following keywords and statements:
  • Job statement USER, GROUP, PASSWORD, and SECLABEL parameters when a security product like RACF® is active.
  • The XMIT JCL statement; coding &SYSUID on XMIT causes a JCL error and the job is flushed.
  • JES2 or JES3 control statements.
  • Job statement accounting information and programmer name fields.
In an APPC scheduling environment:
  • Avoid coding &SYSUID on the DD statement SUBSYS parameter; symbol substitution is unpredictable on SUBSYS.
  • Avoid coding &SYSUID on the JOB statement NOTIFY parameter; if the user ID specified through the Allocate service is longer than 7 characters, the Allocate request will fail.

Avoid using &SYSUID as an unqualified data set name. Depending on the other statements in the transaction program profile, the system might interpret the data set name as a temporary data set name.

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