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Macro instruction format

HLASM Language Reference

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   +-name_entry------+                  | .-,-------. |   
   '-sequence_symbol-'                  | V         | |   

Is a special positional operand that can be used to pass a value into the called macro definition. For a detailed description of what form name_entry can take, see Name entry.
Is a sequence symbol. If a sequence symbol is coded in the name entry of a macro instruction, the value of the symbol is not passed to the called macro definition and therefore cannot be used as a value for substitution in the macro definition.
Is the symbolic operation code which identifies the macro definition that you want the assembler to process. For more information, see Operation entry.
The positional operands or keyword operands that you use to pass values into the called macro definition. For more information, see Operand entry.

If no operands are specified in the operand field, and if the absence of the operand entry is indicated by a comma preceded and followed by one or more spaces, remarks are allowed.

The entries in the name, operation, and operand fields correspond to entries in the prototype statement of the called macro definition (see Macro instruction prototype).

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