z/OS DFSORT: Getting Started
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Using the ICETOOL utility

z/OS DFSORT: Getting Started

ICETOOL is a multipurpose DFSORT utility that uses the capabilities of DFSORT to perform multiple operations on one or more data sets in a single step.

This chapter introduces you to ICETOOL's 17 "operators", which allow you to do a wide variety of tasks. You will learn about ICETOOL's JCL and control statements while writing a large "main" ICETOOL job that uses many of the ICETOOL operators, as well as several additional smaller ICETOOL jobs that illustrate specific points. To fully use the capabilities of ICETOOL, you should become familiar with all of its operators, operands, and methods of invocation, as described in z/OS DFSORT Application Programming Guidez/OS DFSORT Application Programming Guide.

Note: Most likely, you would do unrelated tasks in different ICETOOL jobs. But you can do unrelated tasks in the same ICETOOL job. The ICETOOL jobs constructed in this chapter take both approaches as a convenient way to illustrate the use of various ICETOOL operators.

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