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Priorities of operators

z/OS MVS JCL Reference

The operators that you can use in a relational-expression and their processing priority are shown in Figure 1.

The system evaluates operators in the order indicated. Code operators with the same priority in the order in which you want the system to evaluate them.

You can specify either the alphabetic characters or the special characters for an operator. For example, GT and > have the same meaning. (RC GT 10) and (RC > 10) are the same.

Figure 1. Operators on IF/THEN/ELSE/ENDIF Statement Construct
                                                Order of
Operator        Operation                       Evaluation
--------        ---------                       ----------

NOT operator:

NOT or  ¬       NOT                             first

Comparison operators:

GT  or  >       Greater than                    second
LT  or  <       Less than                       second
NG  or  ¬>      Not greater than                second
NL  or  ¬<      Not less than                   second
EQ  or  =       Equal to                        second
NE  or  ¬=      Not equal to                    second
GE  or  >=      Greater than or equal to        second
LE  or  <=      Less than or equal to           second

Logical operators:

AND or  &       AND                             third
OR  or  |       OR                              third

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