z/OS Communications Server: IP Diagnosis Guide
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z/OS Communications Server: IP Diagnosis Guide

AMATERSE is an application that prepares diagnostic materials, such as z/OS® dumps and traces, for transmission to IBM® and vendor sites. When the materials arrive, AMATERSE also provides a means to create similar data sets to support diagnosis of problems.

If you previously used the TRSMAIN utility, you will see that the following changes were made to prepare AMATERSE for formal inclusion in z/OS:
  • AMATERSE is used as the preferred application program name rather than TRSMAIN. TRSMAIN is shipped as an alias entry point to AMATERSE.
  • The ddnames INFILE and OUTFILE that were required by the TRSMAIN utility are replaced by SYSUT1 and SYSUT2. When the TRSMAIN entry point of AMATERSE is invoked, ddnames INFILE and OUTFILE remain as the defaults.
  • AMATERSE is placed into MIGLIB, a library that is part of the link list. No STEPLIB ddname is needed to invoke AMATERSE.
  • You can use AMATERSE, the TRSMAIN utility, and VM terse interchangeably in nearly all cases.

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