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Cataloged data set name

z/OS MVS JCL Reference

For information about the rules for cataloged data set names, see z/OS DFSMS Access Method Services Commands.
Specifies a data set name.
Specifies the name of the permanent partitioned data set (PDS) or the partitioned data set extended (PDSE), and the name of a member within that data set. If the member does not exist and DISP=OLD or DISP=SHR is specified, the allocation will succeed, but the job will fail when the data set is opened for input. If the member does not exist and the data set is opened for output, the system will add the member to the data set.
1 to 8 alphanumeric or national characters, or a character X'C0'. The first character must be alphabetic, national, +, or -. If the first character is + or -, the member is a part of a generation data group.
Specifies the name of a generation data group (GDG) and the generation number (zero or a signed integer) of a generation data set within the GDG.
Note: A VSAM data set cannot be a generation data set.
  • The first character of a relative generation number is +, -, or 0.
  • All characters of a relative generation number that follow the +, -, or 0 must be numeric (0 through 9).
  • The numeric portion (not + or -) of a relative generation number must be expressed in 1 to 3 numeric characters. For example, +100, -002, +4, -09, 000.
  • A relative generation number cannot exceed 255.

To retrieve all generations of a generation data group, omit the generation number.

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