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Parameter field

z/OS MVS JCL Reference

The JCLLIB statement includes the following parameters:
Specifies the names of the libraries to be searched. The maximum number of libraries that may be specified is 15. You can specify private libraries, system procedure libraries, and installation-defined procedure libraries. The system searches the libraries in the order in which you specify them, before it searches any unspecified default system procedure libraries. Start of change The ORDER parameter can be specified only once. End of change

Do not specify a library that is a temporary data set (&&dsname), partitioned data set if a member name is included, or relative generation number for a GDG.

Note: GDGs are not supported.
Start of change If only one library is listed in the search order, the parentheses are optional. For example:
End of change
Start of change Library names can be enclosed in apostrophes, for example:
End of change
Start of change You can continue the list of libraries to the following statement by breaking the statement after a comma in the list, and continuing the list on the next statement, beginning in any column from 4 to 16. For example:
   //           MY.PROC3)
End of change
Start of change You can continue a parameter enclosed in quotation marks by breaking the parameter in column 71 and continuing the parameter in column 16 of the next statement.
                                                                column 71
//             .PROC5')
             column 16
End of change
Start of change PROCLIB=ddname End of change
Start of change Requests a JES2 procedure library by its DDname, as defined in the JES2 procedure used to initialize JES2 in the JES2 environment.
JES2 procedure libraries are defined by:
  • DD statements in the JES2 procedure used to initialize JES2
  • PROCLIB definitions in the JES2 initialization file (HASPPARM)
  • PROCLIB definitions added by the $ADD PROCLIB command

Typically, JES2 procedure library DDnames in the JES2 procedure are in the format PROCnn, where nn is either 00 or 1 or 2 decimal numbers 1-99. However, you can use any valid DDname as long as the name matches the DDname in the JES2 procedure or is specified in PROCLIB definitions. The system retrieves called cataloged procedures from the requested JES2 procedure library.

If you omit the PROCLIB parameter, or the DDname cannot be found in the procedure that started JES2, or the DDNAME cannot be found in any PROCLIB definitions, JES2 uses the procedure library specified on the PROC=nn parameter for one of the following JES2 initialization statements:

for each job class.
for all started tasks.
for all time-sharing tasks.

If the PROC=nn parameter is not defined on the appropriate initialization statement, or if it is not valid, JES2 uses the default library, PROC00. See z/OS JES2 Initialization and Tuning Guide. for information about creating the JES2 cataloged procedure and z/OS JES2 Initialization and Tuning Reference for information about defining JES2 initialization statements.

End of change

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