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Name field

z/OS MVS JCL Reference

Code a jobname on every JOB statement, as follows:
  • Each jobname must be unique.
  • The jobname must begin in column 3.
  • The jobname is 1 through 8 alphanumeric or national ($, #, @) characters. If your system uses ANSI tapes, the jobname must contain only alphanumeric characters; it must not contain national ($, #, @) characters.
  • The first character must be alphabetic or national ($, #, @).
  • The jobname must be followed by at least one blank.
  • For the job types TSO logon and batch processing, the jobname must be unique, otherwise:
    • For TSO logon, duplicate jobnames fail. For example, if IBMUSER is logged on, another attempt to logon as IBMUSER will fail.
    • For batch processing, duplicate jobnames are delayed. For example, if job BATCH01 is executing, then another job named BATCH01 will be delayed until the original job has completed. However, in JES2 it depends on the parameter DUPL_JOB=DELAY or NODELAY on JOBCLASS.

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