z/OS Cryptographic Services PKI Services Guide and Reference
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Enabling Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP)

z/OS Cryptographic Services PKI Services Guide and Reference

The Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP) allows you to securely issue certificates to large numbers of network devices using an automatic enrollment technique. The network devices, usually IPSEC devices such as Cisco routers, must be SCEP-enabled and preregistered (to your CA domain) before they can successfully request certificates from you. To request a certificate, the preregistered SCEP client sends a message (the certificate request) to your CA using the HTTP protocol. (The message is a PKCS #10 request enveloped in a signed PKCS #7 structure.)

You can configure PKI Services to respond automatically to some (or all) SCEP certificate requests, or to submit some (or all) SCEP certificate requests to the PKI administrator for approval or rejection. When you enable automatic enrollment, certificate requests can be automatically approved and synchronously fulfilled, based on the requestor's knowledge of a predetermined secret, the challenge passphrase.

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