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Subparameter definition

z/OS MVS JCL Reference

A number (1 through 255 in a JES2 system, 0 through 255 in a JES3 system) that specifies how many copies of the sysout data set to print. Each copy will be in page sequence order.

For a data set printed on an AFP printer, JES ignores nnn if any group values are specified.

Specifies how many copies of each page are to be printed before the next page is printed. Each group-value is 1 through 3 decimal numbers from 1 through 255 in a JES2 system and from 1 through 254 in a JES3 system. You can code a maximum of eight group-values. The total copies of each page equals the sum of the group-values.
  • This subparameter is valid only for output processed by PSF.
  • For output printed on an AFP printer, this subparameter overrides an nnn subparameter, if coded.

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