HLASM Toolkit Feature User's Guide
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Toolkit Feature Program Understanding Tool

HLASM Toolkit Feature User's Guide

The Program Understanding Tool (ASMPUT) helps you analyze and extract information about assembler language applications, using a Windows graphical user interface to display graphical and textual views of an application's structure. ASMPUT extracts application analysis information from the SYSADATA file generated during host assembly by HLASM; you must download this ADATA file to your workstation for analysis. For details on Program Understanding Tool see Using the Program Understanding Tool.

You can use ASMPUT to display selected programs and modules in these linked views:
  • A Content view
  • An Assembled Listing view
  • A graphical Control Flow view
  • An Expanded Source Code view
These views provide complete high-level to low-level information about assembler language applications:
  • At the highest level, you can discover the relationships among programs and within modules.
  • You can gradually descend program layers discovered by analysis of the individual programs to arrive at the lowest level, where you can examine details of internal control flows within each program.

ASMPUT lets you display multiple views of a given program or module. These multiple views are linked: scrolling through one view automatically scrolls through all other open views of that program, module, or application. Linked views help you see quickly the association between the assembled source code and the graphical control-flow representations of the program.

At any time, you can narrow or expand the focus of your analysis by zooming in or out on areas of particular interest. For example, you can use the View Contents window to scroll through the contents of an application and simultaneously see the change in control flow information displayed in the View Control Flow window.

ASMPUT displays several folders which provide a complete inventory of application analysis information, program samples, tools, documentation, help files, and a detailed tutorial to help you learn to use ASMPUT to analyze assembler language applications.

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