z/OS DFSMS Access Method Services Commands
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z/OS DFSMS Access Method Services Commands

The DIAGNOSE command scans a basic catalog structure (BCS) or a VSAM volume data set (VVDS) to validate the data structures and detect structure errors.

See EXAMINE for information on the EXAMINE command, which can inspect the structural integrity of the data or index component of a key-sequenced data set cluster or of a BCS.

The syntax of the DIAGNOSE command is:

Command Parameters
  {INFILE(ddname)| INDATASET(datasetname)}
  [COMPAREDD(ddname [ ddname...])|
   COMPAREDS(dsname [ dsname...])]
    ({ENTRIES(entryname[ entryname...])|
    CATALOG(catalogname[ catalogname...])| LEVEL(level)})|
    ({ENTRIES(entryname[ entryname...])|
    CATALOG(catalogname[ catalogname...])| LEVEL(level)})]

DIAGNOSE can be abbreviated: DIAG

Because the DIAGNOSE command checks the content of the catalog records, and the records might, for example, contain damaged length field values, there is a possibility that the job will abend. For detailed information on using DIAGNOSE, see z/OS DFSMS Managing Catalogs.

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