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Listing Information about UADS Entries

z/OS TSO/E Administration

When you are maintaining user IDs, you might occasionally need to know something about an entry or group of entries in the UADS. You can find this information using the LIST and LISTIDS subcommands of ACCOUNT.

The LISTIDS subcommand has no parameters. When you enter LISTIDS, you see a list of the user IDs in the UADS. No other information from the UADS entries is displayed.

The LIST subcommand has four positional parameters in the following order: the user ID, the password, the account number, and the LOGON procedure. You can set each of these parameters to either a specific value or an asterisk. Specific values limit the information you receive. For example, to see all the account numbers and LOGON procedures under password MYPSWORD for user ID MYID, you would enter:
list (myid mypsword)
When you do not set all four parameters, the remaining parameters are set to asterisks automatically. The LIST subcommand in the previous example would display the same information as the following:
list (myid mypsword * *)
If you do not want to limit the information you receive for one or more of the parameters, substitute an asterisk. For example, to see all the user IDs using LOGON procedure LOGPROC, you would enter:
list (* * * logproc)

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