Atomic integer types (C11)

In the following table, the atomic type name is declared as a type that has the same representation and alignment requirements as its corresponding direct type. You can use an atomic type and its corresponding direct type interchangeably as arguments to functions, return values from functions, or members of unions.
Table 1. Atomic type names and direct types
Atomic type name Direct type
atomic_bool _Atomic _Bool
atomic_char _Atomic char
atomic_schar _Atomic signed char
atomic_uchar _Atomic unsigned char
atomic_short _Atomic short
atomic_ushort _Atomic unsigned short
atomic_int _Atomic int
atomic_uint _Atomic unsigned int
atomic_long _Atomic long
atomic_ulong _Atomic unsigned long
atomic_llong _Atomic long long
atomic_ullong _Atomic unsigned long long
atomic_char16_t _Atomic char16_t
atomic_char32_t _Atomic char32_t
atomic_wchar_t _Atomic wchar_t
atomic_int_least8_t _Atomic int_least8_t
atomic_uint_least8_t _Atomic uint_least8_t
atomic_int_least16_t _Atomic int_least16_t
atomic_uint_least16_t _Atomic uint_least16_t
atomic_int_least32_t _Atomic int_least32_t
atomic_uint_least32_t _Atomic uint_least32_t
atomic_int_least64_t _Atomic int_least64_t
atomic_uint_least64_t _Atomic uint_least64_t
atomic_int_fast8_t _Atomic int_fast8_t
atomic_uint_fast8_t _Atomic uint_fast8_t
atomic_int_fast16_t _Atomic int_fast16_t
atomic_uint_fast16_t _Atomic uint_fast16_t
atomic_int_fast32_t _Atomic int_fast32_t
atomic_uint_fast32_t _Atomic uint_fast32_t
atomic_int_fast64_t _Atomic int_fast64_t
atomic_uint_fast64_t _Atomic uint_fast64_t
atomic_intptr_t _Atomic intptr_t
atomic_uintptr_t _Atomic uintptr_t
atomic_size_t _Atomic size_t
atomic_ptrdiff_t _Atomic ptrdiff_t
atomic_intmax_t _Atomic intmax_t
atomic_uintmax_t _Atomic uintmax_t