z/OS ISPF User's Guide Vol II
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z/OS UNIX directory list utility line commands

z/OS ISPF User's Guide Vol II

After you display a directory list by leaving the Option field blank, you can enter a line command to the left of a directory entry. You can also enter TSO commands, CLIST names, or REXX exec names. The path name substitution character can be used with TSO commands, CLISTs, and REXX EXECs to represent the quoted path name for a file or subdirectory. For more information about using this symbol, see Using the path name substitution character.

The line command field is a scrollable field with a maximum length of 255 characters and a display length of 8 characters. If the command you want to enter requires more space than is available in the display field, use the EXPAND function key (F4) to display the entire 255-character line command input field in a pop-up window.

If you enter a slash (/) in the Command field, the Directory List Actions pop-up window is displayed. This window allows you to select the line command you wish to invoke.

You can also enter line commands in block command format to execute the same line command for several files at once. You mark the block by typing a "//" at the beginning of a block of rows and another "//" at the end of the block of rows. You must type the line command either immediately after the // on the first row of the block, or immediately after the // on the last row of the block. You can enter several blocks of commands at the same time, but you cannot nest them. Single line commands are not allowed within a block command. You can execute all line commands, including z/OS® UNIX commands, TSO commands, Clists and REXX execs as block commands.

Figure 1. z/OS UNIX Directory List Actions pop-up window
   Menu  Utilities  View  Options  Help
 ─ ┌───────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────┐ ───────────
   │                    Directory List Actions                     │  to 5 of 5
 C │                                                               │  ===> PAGE
   │ File ----- /u/myhome/bin/ctest                                │
 P │                                                               │
   │ DIRLIST Action                                                │
 C │     1.  Edit                     13. File System              │   Fmat
 - │     2.  Edit - ASCII             14. Modify Mode Fields       │ -----------
   │     3.  View                     15. Modify Extended Attrs    │   ----
   │     4.  View - ASCII             16. Modify Owning User       │   ----
   │     5.  Browse                   17. Modify Owning Group      │ - ----
   │     6.  New                      18. Modify Format            │ - ----
   │     7.  Directory List           19. User Auditing            │ - ----
 * │     8.  Delete                   20. Auditor Auditing         │ ***********
   │     9.  Rename                   21. Execute command          │
   │     10. Copy Out                 22. Refadd                   │
   │     11. Copy In                  23. Manage ACLs              │
   │     12. Information                                           │
   │                                                               │
   │ Select a choice and press ENTER to process data set action.   │
   │  F1=Help        F2=Split       F3=Exit        F4=Expand       │
   │  F7=Backward    F8=Forward     F9=Swap       F10=Actions      │

  F1=Help      F2=Split     F3=Exit      F4=Expand    F7=Backward  F8=Forward
  F9=Swap     F10=Actions  F12=Cancel

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