Other sources of information

Other sources of information to help identify and resolve problems.

  • Contains: Server configuration
  • Location: /var/zosconnect/servers/<servername>/server.xml.
Remember: Submit other configuration files that are referenced as include files in server.xml.
Contains: Properties required to initialize the runtime environment for a particular server.

Location: /var/zosconnect/servers/<servername>/bootstrap.properties.

Contains: z/OS Connect server log messages.

Location: /var/zosconnect/servers/<servername>/logs/messages.log.

z/OS Connect server trace.log
Contains: z/OS Connect and WLP trace

Location: /var/zosconnect/servers/<servername>/logs/trace.log.

First failure data capture (FFDC) files

Contains: Details of exceptions recorded in the server.

Location: /var/zosconnect/servers/<servername>/logs/ffdc/.

JCL for the started task
Contains: Job-specific configuration and environment variables.

Location: Customer-specific job library/data set

z/OS Connect server JES message log
Contains: Job-specific information including warning and error messages.

Location: SDSF.

z/OS Connect server output resources directory
Contains: API (AAR), Service (SAR), API requester (ARA) archive files.

Location: /var/zosconnect/servers/<servername>/zosconnect/resources/aar ara and sar.

Any source files used to create artifacts that are contained within z/OS Connect archive associated with service request (copybooks, source file, JSON schemas)