HTTP status code 302 (found)

What to do when HTTP status code 302 (found) is returned.

IBM® z/OS® Connect returns an HTTP status code 302 (found) when a request is made to access a resource protected by requireSecure="true" by a cleartext. The default value is unencrypted connection.requireSecure="true", which requires requests are sent over HTTPS.

The requireSecure parameter can be set on:

  • The zosconnect_zosConnectManager element.
  • A zosconnect_apiRequesters element and its apiRequester subelement.
  • A zosconnect_services subelement service.
  • A zosconnect_zosConnectAPIs zosConnectAPI subelement.
  • The zosconnect_zosConnectInterceptors element

When an unencrypted connection is being used intentionally, ensure that requireSecure="false" is set.

Note: When IBM z/OS Connect is an unaware of the AT-TLS application and AT-TLS is used, the client connects to the server's httpPort (not the httpsPort) and the connection is unencrypted. In this configuration, any attempt to access a resource with requireSecure="true" results in the HTTP status code 302 returned.