Starting, stopping, or removing a Db2 service

You can start, stop, or remove a service in the z/OS Connect Servers view.

Before you begin

Switch to the z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition perspective.

Ensure that you are connected to the server. For more information, see Connecting to a z/OS Connect server.

About this task

The z/OS Connect Servers view in the z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition perspective provides a list of defined host connections and the services and APIs that are deployed on the servers.


  1. In the z/OS Connect Servers view, ensure that the server is connected. If the server is not connected, right-click the server and select Connect.
  2. Expand the server and the Services folder to see all services that are deployed to the server.
  3. For each service, you can examine its status, service URL, invoke URL, related service provider in the Properties view by right-clicking the service and select Show Properties View.
  4. To start, stop, or remove a service, right-click the service and select Start Service, Stop Service, or Remove Service.