Creating a Db2 service project

Create a Db2® service project with the z/OS® Connect EE API toolkit.

Before you begin

Switch to the z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition perspective in your Eclipse environment.
  1. From the main menu, select Window > Open Perspective > Other. The Select Perspective wizard opens.
  2. Select z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition.

About this task

Create a Db2 service project.


  1. Select File > New > Project.
    The New Project wizard opens.
  2. Select z/OS Connect > z/OS Connect Service Project, and click Next.
  3. Enter a name of your choice for the project. This name is also used as the service name.
  4. Select Db2 Service from the Project Type list.
    The new project dialog shows the Db2 Service selected.
  5. Enter a description and click Finish.
  6. Optionally, change the version number from the default of 1.0.0.


The service project is created in the Project Explorer view and the file opens in the service project editor in a tab that is named after the service project. This service project editor is where you configure the service and define the Db2 native REST service details. Initially, errors (Image shows a red letter X that indicates an error.) are reported and highlighted for information that is required and must be specified.

What to do next

Import a Db2 native REST service from Db2 service manager. See Importing a Db2 native REST service.

Alternatively, you can define a service by importing the schemas from your local machine and manually specifying the Db2 native REST service specifications. See Importing JSON schemas from your local machine