Configuring the connection reference to Db2

Specify the connection reference used by the IBM® z/OS® Connect server.

Before you begin

Complete the steps in either Importing a Db2 native REST service or Importing JSON schemas from your local machine

About this task

Complete the configuration by specifying the connection reference used by the IBM z/OS Connect server.


  1. In the project dialog, click the Configuration tab.

    The service project editor shows the configuration tab where you enter the connection reference.

  2. Enter the Connection reference. This is the id of the zosconnect_zosConnectServiceRestClientConnection element in server.xml, which defines the connection to Db2 that is used at run time.
    Note: The value of connectionRef defined in the server.xml file overrides the value that you defined for Connection reference. For example:
    	<service name="exampleDb2" >
    		<property name="connectionRef" value="newValue" />


The connection reference is defined and the project is now complete.

What to do next

Deploying a Db2 service.