Test the IMS phonebook service

You can test your newly created service is working by invoking the contacts API directly from z/OS® Connect API toolkit by using the "Try it out!" function in the Swagger UI that is embedded in the editor.


To test your newly created and deployed phonebook service:

  1. Start IMS and ensure that IMS Connect is listening on the expected port.
  2. Start your IBM® z/OS Connect server. For more information, see Starting and stopping IBM z/OS Connect.
    1. Check the messages.log file for the following messages that confirm that the service is installed.
          BAQR7043I: z/OS Connect service archive phonebook installed successfully.    
    2. Check the messages.log file for the following messages that confirm that the API is installed.
          BAQR7000I: z/OS Connect API archive file contacts installed successfully.
  3. In the z/OS Connect Servers view under the APIs folder, double-click on the contacts API.
    The API is opened in the Swagger UI.
  4. Click List Operations to see available operations in the API.
    Figure 1. Operations in the API
    List of operations in the API.
  5. Test adding a contact record by clicking POST.
    1. Click the Example Value box to copy the request message format into your contacts POST request.
    2. Specify the last name, first name, zip code, and extension.
      Figure 2. Testing the POST request
      List of operations in the API.
    3. Click Try it out!.
      Information about the request URL, request headers, response body, response code, and response headers are provided. The response body contains the output message. The OUT_MESSAGE would contain one of the following messages:
      • ADDITION OF ENTRY HAS FAILED (this message indicates that the IN_LAST_NAME value you specified already exists)


You have verified your newly created phonebook service is working.