Deploying a service

Deploy your service to the server directly from the API toolkit if the server connection is already properly configured.

Before you begin

Deploying a service directly from within the API toolkit requires server code V3.0.4 or later.

You must create a host connection to the z/OS® Connect server. For more information, see Connecting to a z/OS Connect server.

About this task

If the service project is open, you can deploy a service directly by clicking Deploy Service to z/OS Connect Server (Icon for the Deploy API button) in the corner.

You can also deploy one or more services from the Project Explorer view.


To deploy a service from the Project Explorer view:

  1. In the Project Explorer view, select one or more service projects and right-click to select z/OS Connect > Deploy Service to z/OS Connect Server.
  2. In the Deploy Service window, select the server to which to deploy the services.
  3. If a service of the same name exists and you want to overwrite it, select the Update existing services check box.


Deployment result is reported. Errors that occur during the deployment are recorded in the Problems view. A BAQR7070E error indicates that the zosconnect_services element is not configured in the server.xml configuration file.

A deployed service is automatically started unless specified otherwise in the z/OS Connect preferences window.

  • To get a refreshed view of all deployed services and their status on the server, in the z/OS Connect Servers view, right-click the Services folder, and select Refresh.
  • To get a refreshed view of all deployed services and APIs and their status on a server, right-click the server itself and select Refresh Server.

What to do next

Export your service project as a service archive (a .sar file). This file is needed to create an API to invoke the service.