How to get a list of API requesters

You can use the HTTP method GET to obtain a list of the IBM® z/OS® Connect API requesters installed in the runtime.

HTTP method
Gets a list of the IBM z/OS Connect API requesters installed in the runtime, including some basic information and a URL for more detailed information.
Users with Admin, Operations or Reader authority can get a list of API requesters; users with Invoke authority cannot.
Note: A user must be a member of a global group to be able to see all the resources. For more information about user authorization, see Overview of IBM z/OS Connect security.
Response body
      "description":"{API requester description}",
      "connection":"{Endpoint Connection id}"
    ... repeats

where apiRequesterUrl contains the URL where you can get more details for the specific API requester. For more information, see How to get details of an API requester.

Example response body
      "description":"API requester for Book_Inventory app",