z/OS Connect features

Use this section to find the latest levels of the z/OS® Connect features.

Features are the units of functionality by which you control the pieces of the runtime environment that are loaded into a z/OS Connect server. The latest feature levels are listed in Table 1.

z/OS Connect provides server templates that you can use to quickly create a new server. For more information, see Supplied server templates.

Table 1. Feature descriptions
Feature name Configuration Description
z/OS Connect
Provides an interface between mobile and cloud devices and back-end systems on z/OS. It provides RESTful APIs and accepts and returns JSON payloads, and communicates with back-end systems on z/OS for data and transactions. It also provides built-in data transformation services that convert request and response payloads from/to JSON and byte arrays that are consumable by z/OS native language applications (supporting Cobol, PL/I, and C). It enables z/OS subsystems like CICS® Transaction Server, IMS, and batch applications to better and more easily participate in today's mobile computing environment.
z/OS Connect CICS Service
Provides the ability to call CICS programs.
IMS service provider
Provides a RESTful endpoint for RESTful APIs to access back-end IMS resources as services. This feature handles the interaction with IMS Connect for IMS Transaction Manager access, processes the request and response messages, and transforms data between JSON and bytes based on the defined service interfaces. Tooling support for creating IMS services and related service interfaces are provided by z/OS Connect API toolkit.
z/OS Connect DB Service
Provides the ability for z/OS Connect to access databases.
z/OS Connect Modify Commands
Allows the z/OS Connect product to respond to z/OS modify commands
z/OS Connect API requester
z/OS Connect API requester feature
IBM® MQ for z/OS service provider
Allows z/OS Connect to send and receive messages to and from IBM MQ destinations.