Transaction override precedence

A transaction code must be specified during CICS® service project creation. This transaction code can be overridden in the service interface definitions or at run time.

Precedence for transaction overrides is in the following order from lowest to highest priority:
  1. A transaction code can be specified in the zosconnect_cicsIpicConnection element.
  2. Any transaction code specified on the zosconnect_cicsIPicConnection element is overridden by the setting in the service archive (.sar) file.
  3. A transaction code defined in a .sar file is overridden by setting the transid property in the zosconnect_services > service subelement.
  4. If an active policy contains a rule that modifies the transaction code, the modified value overrides all other transaction code specifications.
Note: If you use your own transid, the transaction must be defined as an exact clone of CSMI. In particular, PROGRAM(DFHMIRS) and PROFILE(DFHCICSA).