Transaction code override precedence

A transaction code must be specified during IMS service project creation. This transaction code can be overridden in the service interface definitions or at run time.

Precedence for transaction code overrides is in the following order from lowest to highest priority:
  1. A transaction code must be specified in the service project editor during service project creation.
  2. This transaction code can be overridden in the service interface editor, where the service interfaces for the request and response messages are defined, by specifying a default field value. This override information is stored with the service definition into the service archive (.sar) file.
  3. To change the transaction code at run time, a value can be specified in the imsTranCodeOverride attribute for the service in the server.xml file, this value takes precedence over the transaction code information contained in the service definition. For more information about the imsTranCodeOverride attribute and other IMS service properties, see Configuration elements (zosconnect_services > service > property).
  4. If a transaction code is passed in the JSON payload, this value overrides all transaction code specifications listed above.
    Note: This override works only if the transaction code field is included in the service interface. It is not recommended to have the transaction code included in the service or API interfaces for an external production API service.
  5. If an active policy contains a rule that modifies the transaction code, the modified value overrides all other transaction code specifications.