Defining a rule set

Rule sets are XML files that describe actions to be performed when a condition is met. The condition is met when a property on the request header has a matching value.

Create a rule set file by using the format and specifications that are described in Format of a rule set.

Each rule consists of a conditions element that contains at least one header name-value pair. If the value of the property in the HTTP header matches any of the values that are defined in the condition, IBM® z/OS® Connect performs the actions for that rule. If more than one header name-value pair is defined, then all conditions must be met for the action to be performed. If match="ANY_VALUE" is specified on the header element, IBM z/OS Connect checks only that the named header is present on the request, regardless of the value.

You can also use variable substitution to modify the values according to the value given in the header property.

Note: Rules must not contradict each other. Contradictions cause inconsistent results.

For rule set examples, see Format of a rule set.